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Better essays. Less stress.

Essays are one of the most important factors for college admissions, but also one of the most stressful. HWAE organizes, inspires, and guides applicants to write effective, authentic essays that resonate with admissions officers and increase chances of admission.

HWAE provides:


         Professional Coaching Plan                             Proven Curriculum                                 Defined but Flexible                                                                                                                                                                      Calendar    



Perhaps best of all, Help With Admissions Essays relieves parents of much of the burden of managing the essay writing process.

Admissions essays are more important than ever. 

Give your child the structure and support they need to tell their best stories.


  • Four-week program

  • Project brief and timeline provided

  • Minimum of 4 one-hour meetings

  • Unlimited email support

  • Email recaps of meetings and next steps

  • Reminders of upcoming deliverables and meetings

  • Flat fee


  • Strategic perspective of a marketer

  • Innovative "spoken writing" approach simplifies the process and reduces pressure

  • Treating your applicant like a client, not a student or kid, brings out his or her best

  • Supportive attitude elicits your applicant's authentic stories and voice


  • 2 one-hour online meetings to brainstorm ideas and select topic

  • Intro guide to the personal statement

  • Preparatory exercises

  • Sample essays



  • 3 hours of online meetings

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Selecting topic

  • Developing theme

  • 2 rounds of review for structure, style, voice, tone, messaging, etc.

  • 48-hour turnaround for comments

  • Sample essays

  • Timeline



For personal statement, includes:


  • Minimum of 4 one-hour online meetings 

  • Unlimited rounds of review

  • Unlimited email support

  • Intro guide to the personal statement

  • Preparatory exercises

  • Personalized timeline

  • Sample essays

  • 48-hour turnaround for comments

  • Progress reports and reminders

  • Flat fee

For up to 4 supplemental essays, includes:

  • Two rounds of review for each

  • Personalized calendar, reminders, and recaps




“My son needed a good push. The guidance you provided was unique, immediate, and tangible.”

Mathilda G

“I just wanted to thank you because I just found out I got in! I don’t think anyone else could’ve made that essay work!”

“My acceptance letter had a note attached saying they enjoyed my essay.”

Nick L

“You helped me tremendously. I appreciated how you guided me, but the final piece was my words.”

Ryan A

Jen A

Write with the impact of an award-winning copywriter.

I'm Bruce Jonas and I help students find their own voices and craft unique stories that will resonate with the gatekeepers of the schools they want to attend. My experiences in marketing and university recruitment trained me to listen to what makes people unique and write stories that persuade specific audiences like admissions officers:

  • Successful marketing copywriter and creative director for global companies like American Express, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

  • A.B. from Brown with honors in Art History; A.B. in Classics; recipient of List Award for Outstanding Honors Thesis.

  • Alumni interviewer for Brown since 1998.

  • M.A. from Johns Hopkins in Art History.

  • Marketing and recruitment director for the Hudson Graduate Centers of Long Island University.

I treat applicants like clients, not kids or students. And I collaborate with them to make improvements, not issue grades or critiques. My innovative spoken writing approach takes the pressure off, so we can focus on convincing admissions officers your child belongs at their school! 


Contact Bruce Jonas
(917) 603-7126
Located in Dobbs Ferry, NY

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