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You feel good. Your essay is pretty much there. But you want a pair of fresh, unbiased eyes to catch any errors and make sure your story is clear and compelling. Sign up for Essay Polishing and relax knowing you'll submit a clean essay that gives you your best shot at admission.


You have a draft, but you're not sure it'll convince a selective school. I'll review it for structure, content, and theme and within 48 hours guide you to a more engaging, insightful story that admissions officers look for. I'll polish up a second draft with proofreading and final suggestions.


You're starting from scratch. That's great! We'll kick off with a 1-hour video or phone conversation to discuss your ideas, determine your theme, and give your story shape. You'll submit a rough draft for feedback, followed by two more drafts so we can whip your essay into ideal shape.


Impactful admissions essays, without the drama.

I'm an award-winning marketing writer with an Ivy League degree and I guide students through a clear, efficient process to write authentic, compelling stories in their own voice for personal statements, supplemental essays, and other application materials. They'll learn to think and write with more maturity, feel less pressure, and improve their chances of admission.

"My acceptance letter had a note attached saying they enjoyed my essay. Thank you again for all your advice during the writing process." – NL, New York

"You’ve helped bring this essay to life. My parents are astounded at the

difference :) Seriously, I can not thank you enough." – JT, Massachusetts

"I learned a great deal that I will take past the college application experience."

– JL, New York

Choose the level of help you need based on where you are in the process, how confident you feel as a writer, and your fluency in English.

Save 20% on your second and third essays and 30% on every additional essay, perfect if you're writing a personal statement and supplemental essays!


Write with the insight and impact of an award-winning copywriter.

I'm Bruce Jonas and I can show you how to craft your unique story so it connects with the gatekeepers of the schools you want to attend. Why me?


  • A.B. from Brown (magna cum laude, with honors, recipient of the List Award for Outstanding Honors Thesis) and M.A. from Johns Hopkins: I know how to get into outstanding universities.

  • Successful marketing copywriter who connects global companies like American Express, T-Mobile, and AT&T with their customers: I know how to write stories that convince readers to take action.

  • Alumni interviewer for Brown and recruitment manager for the Hudson Graduate Centers of Long Island University: I know how schools evaluate applicants.


 Your essays are your best opportunity to make your unique case for admission. Write your best essays with me!

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