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A Lifetime Writing

When I got into Brown (and Columbia, Swarthmore, Amherst, and all the other colleges I applied to), I didn't realize that my admissions essays were actually the beginning of my career as a marketing writer.


After earning the List Award for outstanding honors thesis at Brown and an M.A. in Art History from Johns Hopkins (I've been accepted to graduate programs at Columbia (again), Oberlin, Sarah Lawrence, NYU, and more, too), I've written convincing copy for global corporations like American Express, T-Mobile, and AT&T. In addition to my marketing writing, I've done alumni interviewing for Brown for 10 years and am currently managing recruiting for the Hudson Graduate Centers of Long Island University.


Admissions essays are your main opportunity to distinguish yourself, but you're not necessarily a writer and probably don't intend to be one. I can level the playing field for you by eliciting from you the story you want to tell and making sure you package it in a way that resonates with admissions officers.


All writing is about connecting with an audience, but you have a specific goal with your admissions essays: to convince someone (the admissions officer) to do something (admit you) for certain reasons (your story that shows how you belong there).


That's the kind of writing I've been doing all my life, and I'd love to put my experience to work for you!


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