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Webinar Wednesdays!

Join HWAE for free insights into college admissions essays WEDNESDAYS FROM 8 – 8:30 PM and learn how to simplify the process, reduce the stress, and write a better essay!

June 30: Starting from Scratch

It’s time to start your college admissions essays. Now what? Join this webinar to get a helpful perspective on the admissions essays and tips for preparing to write them.


July 7: Storytelling for Admissions Essays​

Beginning, middle, end. Isn’t that how it works? Not quite. Get an overview of the elements of different kinds of stories you can tell in your college admissions essays – and in all your writing.

July 13: Admissions Essays for Athletes

Sports and sports writing abound with cliches. Learn specific techniques that high school athletes can use to their make admissions essays, whether set on the field, court, or elsewhere, powerful on the page.

July 20: Revising. Or Polishing. Or Editing. Yes, editing!

Most people shy away from editing, but it's what makes the difference, which is particularly important in admissions essays. Join this webinar and discover that revising and refining can be revelatory rather than drudgery.

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